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20 September 2019

Are you a business owner looking for more information about accessing finance to grow your business?

The North West Fund and the NW Access to Finance Service have teamed up to provide a series of Funding Inspiration events.

At the events you can get to grips with the types and sources of funding available to you to finance business growth and how you prepare to access funding. There will be an opportunity to hear from Fund Managers at The North West Fund and the experiences of an entrepreneur who has already benefitted from funding.

So whether you are starting out or looking for investment to help take you to the next level, a Funding Inspiration event could be the first step toward getting the information you need. With more than 80 small businesses having received investment from The North West Fund to date, our commitment to Inspiring Entrepreneurs is going from strength to strength - and you could be our future success story.

To book a place at one of our workshops, please visit: 



To download a flyer for these events please click here.

To register for these events, businesses must meet the definition of a small to medium size enterprise and be based in the North West of England. Retail businesses are excluded from support from the North West Fund and the Access to Finance NW Service. Please visit www.a2fnw.co.uk for more details.



Click on the Entrepreneurs below to hear their stories and experience of accessing finance from The North West Fund...

Ambitious Minds ACAL Energy Med ePad



Sean McGuire
Ambitious Minds


The business: A portfolio of financial training courses, and an interactive finance programme for schools, educating tomorrow's consumers.


"We had researched the market for two years, which gave us the opportunity to approach a funder to provide the working capital we needed to market and sell the product."


Amanda Lyne
ACAL Energy


The business: A fuel cell system developer with plans to commercialise its technology in off-grid power for telecommunications and automotive power.


"As it is a local fund you have the opportunity to get to know the people, and having a team who intimately understood our industry was really useful. The North West Fund sat as a key target for us when we were seeking funding."


Rob Connell
Med ePad


The business: An interactive, touch screen device for the healthcare sector, with a potential market of over 15 million sufferers.


"Having been refused funding from banks due to the economic climate, Business Link advised I contact The North West Fund. The investment allowed us to conduct research and development, and fund trials within the NHS."


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