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28 January 2014

Diagnostic Healthcare doubles in size following £1 million investment

“We are excited to see what the future may bring for our company and we’re working hard to achieve our growth plans.”

Diagnostic Healthcare

Liat Karni, managing director of Diagnostic Healthcare

Leading diagnostic imaging company, Diagnostic Healthcare Ltd, has doubled in both revenue and head count after securing a £1 million investment from The North West Fund for Biomedical, managed by SPARK Impact.

Diagnostic Healthcare, headquartered in Altrincham, has a network of centres and mobile
units across the UK providing MRI scans, ultrasound, bone density scans (DEXA scan), cardiac testing, health screening and reporting services.

The company prides itself on having become a recognised, well known NHS Healthcare provider, offering end-to-end integrated solutions, either as mobile services or located within hospitals, GP surgeries or dedicated community sites.

The investment, which was made in spring 2013, is being used to help the business expand its diagnostic services, increase community services in more locations across the country and expand its portfolio of medical equipment.

The company is already growing fast, and through its static sites in Altrincham, Chester and Birmingham, combined with mobile equipment, such as state of the art MRI trailers, it is able to deliver an efficient, cost effective and high quality service to both healthcare providers and patients across the country.

Diagnostic Healthcare, which has provided diagnostic services in the UK and abroad for
over 20 years, supports the NHS and the private market in the provision of scanning and reporting. Having access to brand new, high quality, diagnostic equipment and over 100 professional staff, allows the company to provide an extremely flexible service whilst at the same time reducing costs for healthcare providers.

Liat Karni, managing director of Diagnostic Healthcare, said: "This investment is supporting the on-going growth of the company and enabling us to provide more high-end diagnostic services in more locations across the UK, as well as expanding our leading range of medical equipment and growing our team of staff.

"The team at The North West Fund for Biomedical and SPARK Impact have been very supportive throughout the funding process. We are excited to see what the future may bring for our company and we're working hard to achieve our growth plans." 

Dr Penny Attridge, senior investment director at SPARK Impact which manages The North West Fund for Biomedical, said: "The range of services being provided by Diagnostic Healthcare is already making a significant impact on the provision of diagnostic imaging in the UK and abroad. We are delighted at the progress the company has already made and we are proud to be supporting a high quality service which is an asset to the North West and to SPARK's biomedical portfolio."


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