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29 July 2013

Cliff Maylor, CEO, North West Business Finance Ltd

Welcome to this third edition of our quarterly newsletter "INSPIRE"...

Cliff Maylor edit

I am pleased to say that we have continued to make good progress throughout the first half of 2013 and we currently anticipate that this will result in a solid investment performance for the year as a whole. The first half of the year has seen The North West Fund invest £16 million in almost 50 businesses across the region, comfortably reaching our investment target for the period.

A priority for the North West region is to support the creation of businesses and to nurture their growth. Whilst the economic environment continues to be extremely challenging, it must be remembered that many of today's successful businesses started out against the back-drop of a recession or downturn in the economic cycle.

The North West Fund intends to play a key role in helping entrepreneurs overcome the capital constraints that prevent many people from establishing their own business and helping at the same time to increase the stock of SME businesses which in turn provide additional opportunities for employment. We are equally keen to encourage the region's many graduates to see the North West as a great place to not only study, but to work and live after they complete their University studies.

This issue of INSPIRE focuses on sustainable businesses. Sustainability is fast becoming an operational necessity for businesses as consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable products and services and this has led to businesses looking to improve their green credentials by sourcing business to business suppliers who have sustainable practices.

Next year, Liverpool will have its specialist Low Carbon and Super Port University Technical College. This recognises the importance of involving and helping to educate young people in gaining an understanding of the low carbon technologies that are currently available and ensuring that they are actively involved in developing the new technologies of tomorrow.

The North West Fund is fully committed to businesses that are endeavouring to be greener and more efficient and some of our own investments in the energy and environmental sector are highlighted in the following pages. We look forward to bringing you more success stories in future issues of INSPIRE, but in the meantime I hope that you enjoy reading this edition. 

Enjoy the newsletter!

Cliff Maylor
CEO of North West Business Finance Ltd which manages The North West Fund

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