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29 July 2013

Inspiring Entrepreneurs and Growing Businesses

£16 million has been invested across the region in 49 new investments and 31 follow-on investments, between January and June 2013

 Fund review

As we enter the summer months, we are pleased with the progress The North West Fund has made throughout 2013. The first six months of the year saw investments reach £16 million in 49 new investments and 31 follow-on investments.  

Having supported a total of 193 businesses with £59 million over the last two and a half years The Fund is now well established in the region and we are incredibly proud of the progress stories we are hearing from our portfolio of businesses.

The pipeline for future investments is also looking strong and the interest from entrepreneurs has been very encouraging but we know that we still have a great deal of work to do to ensure that every penny of our £155 million is invested wisely for the benefit of the region.

Our fund managers have completed some great investments across the region in 2013, including;


  • Investment of £500,000 from The North West Fund for Venture Capital into Fourteen-IP, a 'management break-out' team who set up their own business providing communications solutions for hotels;
  • A £100,000 loan from The North West Fund for Loans Plus into Sefton-based CNC Robotics, a robotics company which uses software and robots to produce sculptures from a diverse range of materials;
  • An investment by The North West Fund for Digital & Creative into Hulme-based software developer, Liquid Bronze. Its products enable domiciliary care agencies to efficiently co-ordinate and monitor their home-care staff, and for carers to securely access client records remotely;
  • An investment by The North West Fund for Biomedical into Perfectus Biomed which specialises in microbiological testing and is based at Sci-Tech Daresbury; and
  • A follow-on investment of £350,000 by The North West Fund for Energy & Environmental into Cheshire-based Imperative Energy, a supplier of bioenergy solutions to industrial, commercial and public sector clients in the UK and Ireland.


Growing Greener Businesses

It is clear to us that the North West has huge potential in the energy and environmental arena. The North West Fund for Energy & Environmental has been set up specifically to support growing businesses in this sector and our fund managers have already supported some impressive energy businesses.

However, we are keen to see all North West businesses making an effort to be more 'environmentally friendly'.  Sustainability is becoming a necessity for businesses, it is essential to business success. North West SMEs may think that their small efforts are minimal but simple improvements in business practice here can make a huge difference to the future prosperity of the region as well as contributing to tackling global resource scarcity and even climate change.

These efforts can also help to reduce costs for businesses. ENWORKS, the organisation set up to help North West businesses improve their resource efficiency, believe that in the last 11 years, £155 million has been saved by the businesses they have worked with, simply by improving their environmental performance.  

In this issue we focus on 'green businesses' and consider the importance of running a sustainable business. We provide case studies from just a few of our 'green' businesses including; Ultromex, the award winning metal recycling company based in Birkenhead; renewable energy and heating installers, EcoLogicLiving; and, environmentally friendly nanotechnology business, NanoFlex.

We understand that being 'green' can be a challenge for businesses, but in the current climate, it is the companies who can change and innovate that will not only survive, but grow.


If you are interested in finding out more about equity/loan funding to help grow your business please visit: http://www.thenorthwestfund.co.uk/funds

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