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28 April 2015

Cliff Maylor, CEO, North West Business Finance Ltd

Welcome to the summer edition of INSPIRE…

Cliff Maylor edit

Welcome to the summer edition of our INSPIRE Newsletter. It's been a rewarding summer for our fund managers, who have continued to develop and extend our portfolio and are looking at the second half of the year with optimism. I am delighted to announce that we have broken through the £125m investment mark, and have provided funding to more than 375 of the North West's growing businesses. This milestone is a fantastic achievement for the organisation and is a credit to our fund managers. I would like to thank them all for their hard work in facilitating the growth and prosperity of small and medium sized enterprises across the region. To date, our finance has leveraged £95m in private sector finance and we continue to see a healthy pipeline of potential investments. This has had a considerable impact in the North West economy, boosting both jobs and gross value added. As well as the wider picture, we've seen the impact of our investment on individual businesses. For instance, this newsletter outlines the significant expansion at Connect Technology since our investment, with the company boosting its headcount as it targets a four-fold increase in turnover. However, we must not become complacent. December marks the end of our investment cycle, and with plenty of promising businesses left to invest in, the next six months are set to be busy. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the rest of the newsletter. Kind regards, Cliff Maylor CEO of North West Business Finance Ltd, which manages The North West Fund

Kind regards,

Cliff Maylor
CEO of North West Business Finance Ltd which manages The North West Fund

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