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14 January 2015

The North West Fund for Loans Plus brews up a £150,000 loan for Bootle’s Joe Black Coffee

Press Release 14th January 2015

A Bootle coffee roaster whose coffee is served at top restaurants and coffee shops across the North West is expanding thanks to a £150,000 loan from The North West Fund for Loans Plus managed by FW Capital.

Joe Black Coffee (Joe Black) roasts high-quality beans from all over the world in small batches the traditional way. 

The company is renowned for its quality, freshness and the bespoke blends it develops for customers.

Having built up a loyal customer base throughout Merseyside and Greater Manchester, the company is using the loan to fund additional stock, marketing and other costs of its expansion plans, which will lead to the creation of new North West jobs over the next few years.

"We're all coffee fanatics at Joe Black and we're keen to share our passion. We only use ethically produced beans from responsible importers and our aim is to produce exceptional blends, so we're constantly developing and perfecting them. 

"British coffee drinkers are ever more discerning and they're developing a taste for premium quality coffee.  We only supply our freshly roasted blends to order to achieve the best flavour.  The loan from The North West Fund for Loans Plus is providing the capital we need to scale up our operations," Joe Black's Managing Director, Jeremy Janion explained.

Joe Black offers a range of other products and services, ranging from barista and vending supplies to equipment servicing and maintenance.

The company also provides its customers with training and branding advice to help them provide their customers with the best coffee-drinking experience.

FW Capital Investment Executive Carol Bolland, who worked with the team at Joe Black to complete the loan said: "Jeremy and his team have combined their passion for coffee and understanding of coffee drinkers' changing tastes to develop Joe Black's market niche. They've also spotted a market opportunity as demand for premium quality coffee increases.

"Joe Black Coffee is quickly becoming part of the North West's culture and is a proud local company with national ambitions.  It has a strong management team and committed workforce with considerable expertise and market knowledge.  Our loan has given them the financial boost they now need to expand."

The UK is now a nation of coffee drinkers and the number of coffee shops is set to increase from 16,500 to over 20,000 by 2018. 

Consumption patterns in the UK are also set to change as demand for premium-quality coffee through a wider range of outlets is increasing. 

The North West Fund for Loans Plus is part of The North West Fund which is financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the European Investment Bank.



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