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17 November 2014

£250,000 loan from The North West Fund for Loans Plus is an early Christmas present for wholesaler, Mail Order Online

Press Release 17th November 2014

A Southport wholesaler which sells seasonal goods has stocked up in time for Christmas thanks to a £250,000 loan from The North West Fund for Loans Plus managed by FW Capital.

The loan has provided Mail Order Online with the growth capital to purchase additional stock and some racking for its warehouse to meet increasing demand.

Mail Order Online has grown year-on-year since brothers John and Steven Rushton established the business in 2010 with fellow director Paul Huckstepp.

With sales up significantly in 2011, the company moved to a new 14,000 sq. ft. distribution
centre and by 2014 it had taken on an adjacent warehouse and now occupies 28,000 sq ft.

Strong sales over Christmas 2012 then enabled the company to introduce a range of pet products, boosting revenues and evening out seasonality in the business.

"Our Christmas business has gone from strength to strength since we started up in 2010 and we're continuing to expand it through our weRchristmas brand, recognised for quality
and value. We've also expanded and diversified into product lines we can sell all year round.

"Stock availability is crucial to us and we've focused on building an effective global supplier
base to meet growing demand.  The loan from The North West Fund for Loans Plus has enabled us to capitalise on an opportunity to purchase a large amount of stock to sell this Christmas," Mail Order Online's Director, Paul Huckstepp explained.

FW Capital Investment Executive, Graham Ingham worked with Paul and his team to agree the loan.  He said: "The Mail Order Online team have focused on key parts of their operation to build a sustainable and profitable business and continuing to attract and retain customers.  Managing costs and having the right stock available at the right margins is key to their success.

"FW Capital agreed the loan from The North West Fund for Loans Plus within weeks, enabling the company to take advantage of a significant Christmas stock opportunity.  Mail Order Online has already recruited a number of full-time staff to cope with the increased demand it's now seeing for the new stock it purchased."

Mail Order Online is now hoping to take advantage of the predicted £2.3 billion increase in sales over the Christmas period this year. 

The North West Fund for Loans Plus, managed by FW Capital, is part of the £155m North West Fund and is financed jointly by the European Regional Development Fund and the European Investment Bank.



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