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13 February 2015

Leanvation claim January innovation award with revolutionary surgical gloves

Press Release 13th February 2015

A firm aiming to transform the global surgical gloves market is the first Merseyside Innovation Awards 2015 monthly winner.

St Helens-based Leanvation has developed a range of innovative 100% non-latex surgical
gloves, which improve on both traditional latex and non-latex gloves, delivering clinical practice benefits and reduced allergy risk.

Thanks to their expertise and a groundbreaking manufacturing technique, Leanvation have
developed a range of surgical gloves that are typically up to three times softer than comparative surgical gloves.  This can dramatically aid both sensitivity and control during surgery. The risk of hospital acquired infection is thus reduced as a result of a diminished risk of needle-stick injury. Simultaneously, the threat of career threatening allergies to healthcare workers is also largely removed.

Established in 2013 by former healthcare executives Dr Jonathan Day, Tony Downes and Steve King, with backing from The North West Fund for Venture Capital, managed by Enterprise Ventures, Leanvation has not just created a better product, it has been able to keep costs low.

"We are very proud to have our innovation recognised by MIA," said Dr Day. "We believe the products we have created will transform healthcare, potentially on a global level.

"All over the world surgical gloves are critical in protecting healthcare workers and patients from infection. Allergies previously associated with surgical gloves can also, in worst cases, prove fatal to patients, while posing a legitimate risk of ending medical careers.

Last year the firm shipped over 50,000 pairs of gloves to West Africa for those treating the Ebola epidemic.

"Our gloves deliver comfort, strength and protection, with a much diminished risk of allergy to those wearing them," said Dr Day. "Thanks to the technology used in Leanvation surgical gloves, in cases where 'double gloving' is adopted, (a practice that sees one pair of gloves worn directly over another), wearers will often retain the feel and sensitivity typically associated with wearing a single pair of gloves. This has been clinically shown to considerably reduce the risk of needle-stick injury and potential infection"

For more information about Leanvation visit www.leanvation.com or follow the company on Twitter @leanvation.

Entries are now open for the Merseyside Innovation Awards 2015.

The overall winner will get £10,000 cash with the runners up given the chance to access specialist business support worth up to £2,000.

For all the latest updates visit www.merseysideinnovationawards.co.uk.



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