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28 October 2013

Cliff Maylor, CEO, North West Business Finance Ltd

Welcome to the fourth edition of our quarterly newsletter "INSPIRE", and the final issue for 2013 ...

Cliff Maylor edit

As we approach the end of the year, we are able to look back over a strong performance so far throughout 2013. In the last quarter we celebrated some key milestones having supported over 200 businesses with more than £60 million whilst at the same time creating or safeguarding over 1,500 jobs across the region.

We are pleased to see other signs of investment having a positive impact in the region too and one good example comes from British car manufacturer Bentley which has revealed plans to build a fourth model of its SUV at its Crewe headquarters creating more than 1,000 jobs. This will be of significant benefit to any North West SMEs in the supply chain.

The business and entrepreneurial talent in the region is impressive and our priority at The North West Fund is to support these growing businesses with the finance they need so they can realise their ambition and possibly move into new markets.

This issue of INSPIRE focuses on innovation, a key driver in every business. Current research shows that 71% of businesses in the manufacturing sector plan innovation to export to new markets in the next three years. UK Trade and Investment is aiming to boost export growth in the region by targeting 100,000 SMEs across the North of England believed to be "export ready" and many of our portfolio companies can look to link in with this.

It is difficult to think up a whole new idea or a new invention and being successful in business is often about being more innovative and improving on products that are already in the market. We see this all the time with mobile phones, computers, cars and televisions, all of which have been around for some considerable time.

At The North West Fund we are proud to have supported over 200 businesses many of which are driven and managed by highly innovative entrepreneurs who are determined to grow and build successful businesses. Providing these companies with the capital they need to grow in challenging economic times is fundamental to the economic wellbeing and prosperity of the entire North West region.

I hope you enjoy reading about some of our innovative investments further in this edition.

Enjoy the newsletter!

Cliff Maylor
CEO of North West Business Finance Ltd which manages The North West Fund

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