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12 January 2016

Ruler Analytics receives a six figure equity funding from the North West Fund

Digital and Creative investment

Ruler Analytics, a Liverpool-based web analytics business, has raised a substantial sum of investment following backing from The North West Fund for Digital & Creative, managed by AXM Venture Capital. The company will use the funding to expand their North West team, scale its infrastructure and roll out the product globally.


Ruler Analytics provides cloud-based website analytics software, enabling its customers to measure their marketing activity more accurately and effectively. The software provides a dashboard that shows a business how their website visitors, enquiries, telephone calls, bookings or sales were generated, tracking and logging the source and behaviour of each visitor. It can also be integrated quickly and simply with the client's management systems to evaluate which marketing channels provide the best returns on investment.


The software was originally designed to answer the questions that the range of other website analytics tools leave unanswered. The product was built within Epic New Media, a digital marketing agency based in theLiverBuilding,Liverpool.


The Ruler Analytics product has already attracted significant interest from over 400 businesses globally looking to understand the effectiveness of their marketing spend. The business now intends to market the software to SMEs and PLCs across theUKand overseas. 


Co-Founder and Director Ian Leadbetter commented:"We are delighted to receive this investment from the North West Fund. Like us, the team believes that the demand for monitoring marketing effectiveness is only set to grow. This investment represents a huge step forward for Ruler. Not only will it allow us to create new jobs in the city, it will enable us to further develop the product to incorporate the exciting ideas we have."


Daniel Reilly, Director and Co-Founder added: "When we set out in 2012 to redefine website and marketing analytics, it was evident to us that the standard products were simply providing website-wide averages from a sample of data, and not actually telling a marketer what they need to know. Having used other products in the market we recognise the difficulties of not being able to obtain a transparent answer as to where our phone calls, bookings, sales and new leads come from. We wanted to create a product that reports the critical metrics and attributes them to a specific marketing activity. We want to remove the ambiguity that has existed in marketing and advertising for decades." 


Rupert Wingate-Saul, Investment Director at AXM Venture Capital, added:"The Ruler team has a strong track record of delivering value for their clients. When looking for investments we like to find solutions which will become part of their clients' daily workflow. We believe the Ruler Analytics platform will achieve this goal."




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