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The North West Fund for Digital & Creative - £50k to £1.5m


Background information

The North West Fund for Digital & Creative provides a flexible equity package for growth oriented businesses operating within the Digital & Creative sector.

The sector includes companies operating across a broad range of activities; from television production through to software development; social networking tools and e-commerce; design to advance digital hardware innovation; and includes advertising and marketing communication companies, electronic publishing, computer games developers, and broader information and communication technology industries.

The North West Fund for Digital & Creative provides finance from £50,000 to £2m to businesses seeking finance to support a broad range of needs from start-up and early stage development through to expansion plans for trading businesses. In return, the Fund Manager will require an equity share in the business. Capital structures can include a combination of equity and loan support as best suits the needs of the company.

AXM Venture Capital manage the North West Fund for Digital & Creative. For further information about this fund contact AXM Venture Capital by email or telephone 0161 4081818