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Arvia Technology Buoyed by China Deal

Arvia Technology, a portfolio company of The North West Fund for Energy & Environmental, has secured its first deal in China.

Runcorn-based water and wastewater treatment specialist Arvia Technology secured the agreement off the back of its treatability roadshow earlier this year in Shanghai when it introduced its technology to Chinese delegates.

The company's Nyex system will be installed on to a site in Tianjin to initially treat wastewater in the pulp and paper industry, with a view to expanding across 13 other large-scale sites.

Chief executive Mike Lodge said: "If we continue to allow usable water supplies to deplete at the current rate, by 2030 water demand is going to surpass supply by 60 per cent. Decisive action is needed to make sure we protect the planet's reserves and protecting water sources from harmful industrial pollution is one of the answers.

"Arvia is making real progress in our movement towards safer water and it's fantastic to see how far we've come globally since the initial development of the technology at the University of Manchester in 2007."

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