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Medical diagnostic firm continues Covid fight

A Manchester-based medical diagnostic imaging provider is set to continue in its fight against the ongoing pandemic after securing a six-figure funding package.

Diagnostic Healthcare has purchased a new mobile CT scanner with the £200,000 cash boost from Lombard Asset Finance.

Such scans have been used during the crisis to assess the impact the virus has on patients' lungs. However, to limit the spread of Covid-19, hospitals have been required to reserve some for coronavirus patients only.

To meet this shortfall, Diagnostic Healthcare has responded to the immediate need by placing the new mobile CT scanner outside the Stockport NHS Foundation Trust for non-coronavirus patients who require its services.

Chief executive Liat Karni said: "Covid-19 brought new challenges and forced the NHS to adapt quickly to changes. Having access to scanners like these have played a key role in Trusts’ quick response.

"But even pre and post-coronavirus, being able to supply important equipment like CT and MRI scanners as an interim solution is hugely beneficial for Trusts looking to increase capacity for a limited time without having to use vital capital and clinical staff resource.

Diagnostic Healthcare employs more than 150 people.

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