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Further international growth for Texere Publishing

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) and Texere Publishing Limited, an international leader in the scientific, technical, and medical content markets, announce an exclusive official society partnership.

Texere Publishing Limited was founded in 2012 with support from The North West Fund for Venture Capital. Today, Texere has offices in the UK and USA, five magazine brands, three event series, 43 staff and revenues continue to grow at more than 30% each year.

In an unprecedented agreement with Texere, ASCP will offer its members the digital version of The Pathologist, the award-winning international monthly publication. Through this agreement, ASCP members will have access to high quality reporting, news, editorial features and opinion pieces on all aspects of laboratory medicine and diagnostics, including the research, personalities and policies that shape the pathology and laboratory medicine sector. In addition, ASCP will provide the content for a dedicated monthly column in The Pathologist. This will enable ASCP to address issues of current interest and priority to its members, widen debates and influence the sector internationally.

"The face of laboratory medicine is changing fast - and up to date information and opinion is our greatest asset in staying abreast of that evolution and looking into the future," said Andrew Davies, CEO at Texere Publishing. "As with all publications in the Texere scientific and medical portfolio, The Pathologist's mission is to ensure that all international pathologists and laboratory medicine professionals have the opportunity to read, respond, and take part in the on-going conversation about how the industry develops. This exclusive partnership between The Pathologist and ASCP will mean its members gain access to the critical information they need throughout their careers."

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