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Management Buy Out at Carbon Digital

Sue and Paul McHugh have completed a management buy-out of MediaCityUK's Carbon Digital.

The pair co-founded the VFX and immersive studio two decades ago and received investment from the North West Fund for Digital & Creative in 2012.

As part of that deal, the Fund took a minority equity stake.

The MBO means the fund will exit the company, as it returns to the full ownership of the McHughs.

"The move has come at the right time for both parties. With a shift in our services towards Virtual and Augmented reality over the past 18 months, now seemed the perfect time to regain our control of the agency and continue to build our portfolio in this direction," said Sue McHugh.

"We would like to thank the Fund for their strategic advice and input which has been instrumental in growing the business over the course of their investment."

The agency has a staff of 7, working out of The Landing.

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